I believe that our elected officials should be accountable and accessible to their constituents.  If elected to represent the people of District 92, I’ll work hard, ask questions and speak up when serving in Little Rock.  And then I’ll rush right home to live, work and be accountable to the folks in District 92. 



I support and will fight to protect our rights guaranteed by the second amendment.


I am pro-life and support continued efforts in Arkansas to protect the unborn.  


As a small business owner for 27 years, I understand the importance of a business friendly environment, free from overly burdensome regulation and over-taxation.  I support an economy rooted in free enterprise, economic freedom and personal liberty.



With an undergraduate degree in education and decades of volunteer teaching, I am excited and ready to work hard to make Arkansas a leader in education.  I will continue to listen to classroom teachers, administrators and parents so that we can end needless paperwork and burdensome regulations.    I also support continued advancements in career and technical education.   



I will work for continued improvement in our foster care system so that children needing a foster home will have excellent, loving foster homes in their community.  I will be a faithful advocate for children who find themselves without a loving parent in situations when parental rights have been terminated.  The need in Arkansas for foster and adoptive families is great.  I am ready and eager to go to work to improve the lives of these children. I also believe our state can do more to protect the rights of senior citizens, especially with regard to adult guardianship proceedings. 





















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